A little bit about me

And why I am doing this​

My name is Becky Green and I have lived on Hudson Drive in San Carlos for 16 years.  Early on I knew that  our neighborhood was a very special place.  Over the years I  have witnessed a kind of small-town camaraderie  and community support that I was not expecting. When we lost our beloved dog JJ during a storm last year the outpouring of support from neighbors we didn't even know was overwhelming.  Neighbors were out looking, contacting shelters, and making flyers all for a family they had not met, but knew lived in San Carlos. I am told by our early residents that this kind of sense of family was put in place long ago and has never changed.  They tell me that their kids played safely in the brand new streets and if you needed something,  anything, neighbors expected you to simply knock on their door.  So do I sound corny? Maybe to some.  But I believe that our community, from it's roots, began with an old-fashioned ethos that still exists today, and is characterized by a willingness and sense of responsibility to look out for one another.  

In the last few years we lost two of our neighbors.   They both bought their newly built homes and moved here in 1960.   One of them, Toni, used to say to me "Becky, I want you to come over and look at photos I have of the neighborhood when it was brand new!" Thinking I had time I would reply "Sure will!  Looking forward to it."  I never went.  Our other neighbor, Doris, used to invite me in for tea and cookies and tell me stories about her husband and son.  Once she told me of a time when her son was small and she and her husband could not pay their utility bill.  She said that one of her neighbors took up a collection and raised the money they needed for their bill that month.  I could see that the feeling behind it meant more to her than the money itself.  I said "Doris, we should write these stories down."  We never did. 

Now I am hoping that we can collect these stories, photos and memorablia of San Carlos from the 1960s and 1970s so that we can share and enjoy them with each other on this website.   I know from personal experience and from my work in Old Town San Diego and California State Parks that photos and stories can be easily lost.  Also, as a realtor,  I look for ways to give back to my community, and one of my goals is to create a possible display in the San Carlos Library using the contributions from San Carlos Gone By (this project).

So please send us your photos, your memorabilia, and your stories.  If you can't send them because you don't have a computer, that's ok.  I will come and help you.  If you know someone in the neighborhood that lived here in the early days please connect me with them, and I will explain what we are trying to do.  Together, through sharing, we will preserve the history and memories of San Carlos.  

Becky Green
REALTOR/Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Bennion Deville Homes
CalBRE #01465810